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How To Draw Manga Super Deformed Pdf Download [Extra Quality]

Super-deformed characters are oodles of fun!soffiHello there!What genre do you visuallze when you hear the phrase"stylizedcharacters"? Do you picture characters from gag manga(humorous mangQ? 0rdo you picture corporate promotional characters?Perhaps you picture charactersfrom parody manga, such as in games.The phrase conjures up any number ofcategories in our minds.

How To Draw Manga Super Deformed Pdf Download

while the characters discussed in this book are stylized, theydo not cover allmodes of mangafound in Japan. Still, I would liketo discuss ultra-stylizedcharacters that do require heightenedstylized techniques, also known as "super-deformed" or "chibicharacters."

Perhaps you do not have a complete grasp of what I mean when Ibandy aboutthe phrase "super-deformed character." For simplicity'ssake, in this book t use"super-deformed character" to refer tocompacted human characters stylized to1:2 to 1:4 headto-bodyratios.

Contrary to what your first glance might imply, super-deformedcharacters areexceptionally versatile and lend themselves tovarious situations. consequenily,their avenues of use are endless.We have all seen them in mangaand anime.They also appear incommercials, as corporate mascots. We can use them ineverydaysituations, such as decorating a letter with a super-deformedcharacteror portraying your family in a hyper-stylized way. Make aneffort to learn how todraw super-deformed characters, and discovernew fun ways of using them.

,',1ell, now we are ready to discuss abbreviating the humanform, something only done in manga design.^ tacl, manga, itself wasoriginally a world of "abbreviation." We find in manga renditionsof the eyes,-ands, and feet not found or simply not feasible onreal-life human figures. I have never witnessed alanga artistpresent a life-like rendition of the eyes (chuckle), Consequently,those of you who have copiedlanga or produced your own works, aswell as those who have read manga will find abbreviating easyto-nderstand. lt is my goalto see you deepen your interest andenjoyment in character stylization andrcorporate it into your workor everyday drawings.

D ifferences between Super-deformedCharacters and RealisticDrawingsoooiirere I will illustate (literally) the differencesbetween a super-deformed and a realistically drawncfnracter. Pleasenote that use of the word "realistically" does not necessarily meana figure drawn inheightened realism or in the style of realismmanga.l just use it to mean your everyday, typical Dick andJanemanga character. Naturally, the most blatant difference would seemto be that of height; however,merely by drawing the charactershofter and a little simpler will not create a super-deformedcharacter.I will now discuss handling the various body parts andfigure proportions to demonstrate my point.

Developi ng Characteristic Characters*o*We humans have manydistinguishing features. lf you, the aftist, identify thesefeatures and exploit themwhen drawing super-deformed and stylizedcharacters, you will successfully create distinctivecharacters.While having a model or reference figure in front of youceftainly helps identify these distinguishingfeatures, picturing animaginary person in your mind and then searching for theseidentifying features willalso make character design easier,

What a Faceli,:O*The face plays a very important part ofcharacter design. ln the case of a super-deformed character,theface should be something that the viewer will find disarming andevokes protective instincts. To put itsimply, a super-deformedcharacter is one that contains many elements that will elicitfeelings of fondnessin the viewer. Accordingly, the way eachindividual facial feature is rendered becomes very impoftant.

The eyebrows are highly expressive of o ,_-individuality,regardless of whether the characteris male or female. You mightnotice that in thecase of super-deformed characters, theeyebrowsare even more expressive than the mouth.

Many feelthat in recent yearc manga charactershave been becomingless distinctive. ln the past,characters were s0 clearly expressedthat one couldglean what type or role he or she played in asingleglance. The schoolyard gang leader, probably soonto bedesignated an endangered species, is onesuch character. And thenthere is the pampered richkid somewhere in his entourage. FujikoFujio'smethod of drawing out a character's individuality tothe max,which is considered proper practice, is stillcontinued in mangacirclestoday. Fujiko'scharacters are so terrific that even thosepicking uphis work for the first time are able to understandthecharacters' roles. I mentioned this earlier, butthis is whatdefines a character's distinctiveness.Characters that the readervisually cannot discernwho they are and what they are doing willnot lastyears down the road. So, what prevents you fromtrying tocreate your own characterjust saturatedin individuality rightnow?

There may even be adults who look at shoujo mangaand react withsimilar distaste. Thus, the charactermust first be regarded as aflat plane. Then, the character must be regarded as a 3-dimensionalobject thatis able to move, in order to make a child's fantasyworld come alive, where the child can play with thecharacter.Consequently, an innocent child would sense a clash if one were touse heavy-handedly themethods of head-to-body ratio adjustmentdiscussed previously. Hence, this was another point thatneededattention. Stylization intended for children's consumption isextremely complicated requiring subtle balanceand involving issuesunthinkable for normal stylized characters. Even more, execution ofthese charactersrequires awareness of using clean, carefully placedlines thickly drawn to a certain extent, rather than thindetailedstrokes, and it is not an exaggeration to say that stylizedchildren's characters are absolutely thefinal goal of thisbook.

lronically, I do draw considerable amounts of regular manga(chuckle), but for some reason I just can'tshake my reputation as agag mangaartist. So, I figured since that is what people think ofme anyway,I might as well parody my own manga.The publishedcollection consisted of 4 regular shotts. At thevolume's end Iadded a brief, collective parody of the preceding shorts (grin). Ihope you enjoy comparingthe originals with their parodies.

Special BonusMix and Match to lmprove Facial Layout Skills#ooYouhave probably gained an understanding of how irnportant the faciallayout is to a super-deformedcharacter. So now, let's work 0n yourlayout skills using this special bonus supplementmix-and-match.

Afitenruordooffi.s fe !,:nr,x s aufior, I sincerely hope youhave acquired someffirr?:;a:o,r of super-deformed characters.Still, I realize that you haver***- iirrc,rced to only a portion ofstylistic techniques given thermrmr]'s of U'rat presented in thisvolume. To understand super-m,i:rec cnaracters, an artist muststaft by gaining thorough familiarity,rurrff :e aqtJal human formand realistic drawings. Realistic drawingsn'ru'rr rletansformation of the original picture or photographand,Hrse:Je'nty. are rather easy to draw. However, drawingsuperns.i:red cnaracters requires that the artist overcomevarious:::rx[-ars. so they do take exponentially more time to drawthan,?fr si,r Crarvings, Simply drawing and abbreviating is not howto creater s;88..-,0formed character. I personally believe that acharacter willqx r:,nC and last for years to come if it is executedin a manner thatahr*s i to live within the world you created. Iencourage the reader to;::;i:E sriper-deformed characters with evenmore interest and appeal. 350c69d7ab


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